So after a long consideration I decided to get something smaller for trips. I chose the DJI Spark in Combo version. Although this drone doesn’t belong among the best ones DJI has put out, it has excellent price-performance ratio and is more than good enough for my amateur use. While I haven’t received my Spark yet, I’m slowly  preparing for it and have ordered the best accessories in my opinion..

The best DJI spark accessories – what you need?

I ordered my Spark from Gearbest, where you can get it for $579 with code HKsparkC and if you choose EU express delivery option at checkout, the VAT will be paid for by the retailer. Even though i opted for Fly More Combo, the small stuff like lens cover or OTG cable are not included. And that’s precisely the reason why I put together this article where you’ll find tips for the best DJI Spark accessories that you need to get.

best DJI Spark accessories

Because these accessories are mainly just small things, this time I prepared just a short list of accessories I bought myself

The best DJI Spark accessories:

I ordered all of the above myself. But the range of accessories you can get is much wider. Take a look here to see what you can get on Gearbest or here for the complete Banggood offer.

I’m sure I didn’t list everything, so don’t hesitate to share your favourite accessories in the comment section.