The Chinese startup Ryze Tech unveiled their new inexpensive drone which was created in collaboration with DJI and Intel. This small drone is called Tello and it can take 360° images, transmit HD video within 100 meter range and much more!

TELLO – Well equipped, small and cheap drone

The heart of this little drone is the Intel Movidius Myriad 2 VPU processor. That’s the same one as in the more pricey DJI Spark. This processor can for example  handle gesture recognition, so there will probably be support for gesture control.

The dimensions of the drone itself are only 98 x 92,5 x 41 mm and it weighs 80 grams including the battery. But its small size didn’t stand in way to a 5 MPx camera which is capable of HD video recording at 30 frames per second. The field of view is 82,6° and EIS (electronic image stabilization) is present as well. The drone can also transmit HD video within the 100 m range.

Its biggest advantage is however on the software side of things. This drone offers features no other drone in this price range can match. Just take a look at the promo video to find out more.

Included positioning system and barometer make flying easy even for a beginner. Tello can stay in the air for about 13 minutes which is quite exceptional considering its price.


For the more technically advanced users, there’s a development kit (SDK) available, while for the rest of us there’s a support for Scratch language, which is easy to learn and anybody can handle it.

Tello will be available at the official DJI Store during February and its price is set to 109€