The original RunCam Split stirred the waters in the world of FPV when it was introduced. Mainly because it was a combination of FPV camera and classic FullHD camera in a small lightweight chassis. Many pilots love this camera even though it has a few shortcomings. Those are fixed in an upgraded version, the RunCam Split 2

RUNCAM SPLIT 2  FULLHD and FPV camera in one package

The upgraded RunCam Split 2 can now handle voltages between 5 and 17V. Thus it can be powered using 2-4S batteries, which can be considered the best upgrade, compared to the previous version, which had fixed voltage of 5V. MicroSD card slot was upgraded as well, so no more risk of losing the card. Also no need to worry about losing your footage, because it’s saved automatically even after the battery is disconnected.

The maximum resolution this camera can handle is still FullHD/60fps with 165° FOV. In FPV mode the field of view reduces to 135° and even the latency stays the same.

The camera weighs 21 grams or 23 grams with Wi-Fi module which is included in the box. It also supports memory cards up to 64 GB.

RunCam Split 2 can be bought here for 75,99$.