Chances are you’ve probably come across a video with speed, height or overload information embedded in it. This data is gathered by the GPS and only a few cameras can record it. One of our readers however asked whether this can be achieved with non GPS cameras as well. So we started researching how to embed speed information into video

How to embed speed data into video?

Do you ride a bike or snowboard and want to have information about speed and height in your video? Not a problem. A smartphone and a computer is all you need. Smartphone lets us gather this information and a PC allows us to embed it into a video. The whole process is rather simple and anybody can do it.

Let’s start with the smartphone app, shall we? Personally, I had the best experience with GPS Logger app which handles data recording from virtually any sensor and can also export them into a file which will be needed later.

GPS Logger for Android
GPS Logger for Android
Developer: Mendhak
Price: Free

The next thing on the list is to download and install DashWare software on your PC. This program allows you to import the GPS data which is exactly what we want, There are various other programs that can do the same thing but this one is easy to understand and I had the best experience with it.

Now that we got the basic out of our way let’s shoot some videos. Start the GPS Logger app on your smartphone, start recording and wait for the parameters to settle. Then turn the camera on and start recording. After you’re finished, stop the GPS Logger recording. A notification that the recording was saved successfully should appear and now we can share it, for example send it to your email.

Now open the DashWare software and choose the video you’d like to edit. Then import the file from the GPS Logger and choose the Garmin Virb GPX profile.

And here comes the hardest part – synchronizing the video with your GPS data. This will take some trying before you get it right.

If you managed to sync your data successfully, you can now focus on the Gauge Toolbox tab. Here we can find the speedometer designs this software comes with. You can put these to your video by dragging. Then you can resize them to your needs. The speedometer can be customized even more by double clicking it. Now all you need to do is to save your video and you’re done.

Some might appreciate video tutorial, right?

And here’s the finished video with speed data and route.