So you don’t have any experience with FPV but you would like to try it anyway? Then this modest FPV set containing the Eachine E013 drone, a controller and FPV goggles might be the right choice for you. The price is also set fairly low, currently at 65,99$. It’s certainly not a professional machine, but as an inexpensive entry to the world of FPV it’s more than enough.

The dimensions of the drone are 8,3 x 8,3 x 4,35 cm and it’s run by 615/17000 KV motors. It will last in the air for about 5 minutes while the controller range is 70 meters. The built-in camera with resolution of 1000 TCL can also transmit video at the 5.8 GHz frequency.

Eachine E013 Micro

There are also Eachine VR006.FPV goggles included in the box. Again, these are basic glasses to get you to the world of FPV without breaking the bank. These are fine as part of the set, but you’ll eventually want to get something better once you find out that FPV flying is your thing. Inside the VR006 goggles there’s a 3 inch screen with 500 x 300 px resolution. The internal battery can keep them running for about an hour.

Eachine E013 Micro set with goggles and controller can be bought here for 65,99$