Few days ago Eachine announced their new Eachine EV200D FPV glasses which should attack other players in the FPV glasses game like Fatshark or Skyzone with their Sky03 3D. These glasses are not supposed to replace the recently introduced EV100 model. Given their specifications they are the TOP model in Eachine’s product line.

EACHINE EV200D offer 2 HD screens and FOV 42°

Eachine EV200D glasses are equipped with two 1280 x 720 px screens and offers FOV of 42°. Aspect ratio can be switched between 16:9 and 4:3. IPD can be set within the range of 56 – 72 mm. You can also use diopter lenses. For example the Fatshark ones, which are compatible.

Glasses will also accommodate 2 diversity receivers, a fan to stop fogging of the lenses and of course a 3D mode. That one can be enjoyed even home thanks to the HDMI input, which lets you play a movie or play games.

Built-in DVR will can save your videos even when power is interrupted.

Goggles are powered by a 2S battery included in the box, but can be also powered using powerbank.

Glasses will be soon available both in black and white colors. Besides that there are going to be 2 variations. The cheaper one will cost 279,99$ and will include the glasses only. But if you pay 299,99$ you’ll get glasses and 2 true diversity receivers. Eachine EV200D can be bought  here.

Source: drone-maniac.com