For a long time, DJI with their Mavic Pro  was the only player in the field of foldable drones. All the time not a single competitive product appeared on the market. But that’s not true anymore, because Walkera is now releasing a competitive new drone called Vitus 320 at very reasonable price point.

We have already showed you what was Vitus going to look like. But it was just a concept then. The final product differs slightly and let us introduce it one more time.

Let’s start with the dimensions. Those are 233 x 93 x 114 mm in folded state and the weight is 890 g. Slightly bigger compared to Mavic Pro with dimensions 198 x 83 x 83 mm and weight 734 g.

The camera sensor has resolution of 12 MPx, FOV 85° and it has no problem with 4K/30fps video whatsoever. There’s also FullHD at 60fps. The camera is attached to a 3-axis gimbal, same as Mavic.

Walkera Vitus 320

Walkera Vitus 320 is also equipped with dual positioning system (GPS and GLONASS) as well as with other sensors for 3-way obstacle detection. There are of course numerous different modes like Follow Me, Orbit, Waypoints or gesture control. Besides that, there are augmented reality games available as shown in the video below.

Signal reach is 1,5 km and the battery should last for about 25 minutes. In the package there’s also a transmitter which can hold your smartphone.

Currently the price of the Walkera Vitus 320 is set to very nice $599. It can be bought here. Don’t forget to use this discount code at checkout: “Walkera17”