It seems like the Skyzone Sky02S V+ 3D got a successor. Information about the new model Skyzone Sky03 3D are starting to appear all over the Internet including videos, photos and specifications.

SKYZONE SKY03 3D – Photos, videos and specifications

Besides numerous product images, some of the parameters are now known. Skyzone Sky03 3D is going to use two screens with 800×600 px resolution. FOV is 43° and aspherical lenses should take care of distortion free image. IPD is 63,5 ± 6mm. HDMI input (max. FullHD), front camera or 2D/3D mode are also present. Video is recorded to internal DVR in H264 format.

New features include a fan which should keep the glasses from fogging or LED strip on the front.

Skyzone Sky03 3D can handle up to 6S batteries and an on/off switch is finally present right on the glasses.

The video below will tell you more.

For more detailed specifications we’ll have to wait a while. Not even release date, nor price are known at this point. However lists the glasses at $570, but that might change in the future.