Because we make hundreds, maybe thousands of orders from abroad, today we’ll tell you how to shop in China safely. Nothing new for most of you, but we know there are still people who haven’t tried ordering anything from China yet. The shops mentioned here are only those we haven’t had any problems with, including complaints. Fortunately I didn’t have to file many of those, but believe it or not, I’ve had better experience with some Chinese sellers, than many others ones.

Safe shopping in China – Where to buy drones, cameras and others?

Most Chinese shops offer wide variety of goods to choose from. You can get pretty much everything you might or might not want. I’m not talking only electronics, but also things like utensils, clothing and a whole bunch of other stuff.

All shops we recommend support PayPal. In case you don’t have a PayPal account yet, here’s a simple guide how to set it up.

Very popular shop with EU warehouses. Those might save you some money on import fees. Gearbest offers a wide range of goods, many drones and other electronics. There are also regular sales and Gearbest rewards their customers with points for their purchase. Those can be exchanged for a discount on next purchase. 

Their whole offer of goods can be found here while products in EU warehouses can be found here.


safe shopping in China - Gearbest

This is probably the shop I get the most stuff from. They have lots of parts for building your own drone on stock. The same thing can’t be said about Gearbest. It seems, however that Gearbest has been expanding the list of components they offer lately. Banggood also ships from EU warehouses and also rewards customers for their purchases.

This gets you to their homepage and here you can go through their EU warehouses.

Many other Chinese shops offer safe shopping, but these are the ones we’ve had the best experience with. But in case you can’t find what you need there, you can try these:

All of these shops also offer sales regularly. We write about those in separate articles or here.

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