Do you remember the breakthrough drone called Lily? There was basically no competition for it when it came out in 2015. It was waterproof, could land on water and even included the Follow me feature. But it could do so much more as you can read in our article from the May of 2015. There was one important disadvantage to it though. The promising startup project went under and the customers never got their products.

It seems, however, that the company that bought this unsuccessful business, Mota Group, doesn’t want to put Lily to the ground just yet. They are currently working on the Lily Next-Gen drone, which might seem like an upgraded successor to the original Lily. That isn’t the case though. Lily Next-Gen doesn’t really have much to offer.


Designwise there are some features that resemble the original model. Its arms are new and foldable and probably the only real upgrade is the camera. It can now record at 4K resolution but it is unknown whether the video is stabilized or not. There is also no information about its range, GPS and other features, which doesn’t look very convincing. One of the few available information is that it should be able to fly for about 18 minutes and the drone should be quick charge enabled.

lily next-gen

For the starting price of $499 you’ll also get a whole bunch of accessories including two batteries. The brave ones of you can order the Lily Next-Gen drone here.