Not many people know that the official DJI Store offers more, than just brand new drones. Many factory refurbished drones are hidden under the DJI Refurbish tab. These were returned by the customers in 7 days from purchase and thus are significantly cheaper.

There’s nothing to worry about when buying a refurbished drone. All models are checked and fixed (if needed) by skilled technicians. DJI Guarantees that your drone won’t be damaged in any way. And if you’re still not satisfied you can return it within 7 days from your purchase.

DJI Refurbish

Currently there are only 5 refurbished models available, but there’s expected to be more in near future. All drones come with one year warranty. And then you can still buy DJI Care.

More information about DJI Refurbish including the whole offer can be found here.