We’ve prepared a more video oriented article rather than a written one. Some theory for start, then pre-flight check and some general DJI GO and DJI Mavic Pro tutorials. You can also read our review of the DJI Mavic Pro in Fly More Combo if interested. There’s also our pre-flight preparation article, where all the necessary steps to get your DJI Mavic Pro working are described.


Last time we have taken a look at the best about DJI Mavic Pro and today we’ll go through all sorts of DJI Go app and Mavic Pro tutorials.

We’ll leave writing for some other time and now let’s get to know the DJI Go.


This is how you activate your DJI model:

Some training may be needed before you take off.

How to data synchronization?

How to use the editor?

How to use the DJI GO 4 editor?


Your Mavic has been probably unpacked for some time, but let’s take it step by step. Firstly an update is needed. The first choice is updating using PC.

The other one is update via the DJI GO app from your iOS or Android smartphone.

Firmware upgrade/downgrade via the DJI Assistant 2 app.

Now that software is all up to date we can start flying. Here’s a nice pre-flight check tutorial.

Turning on the WiFi mode:

IMU calibration:

Linking the remote:

How to charge the transmitter?

Transmitter calibration:

Radio data export:

Connecting your smartphone:

Now we could take a look into flying itself:.

How to fly using your smartphone?

How to use gestures?

How to terrain follow?

Here you can learn more about the TapFly function:

How to more accurate and stable flight?

How to ActiveTrack?

Christian Maté Grab will show us how he sets his Mavic up.

Now let’s take a look at the DJI Assistant 2 data export.

You say you don’t have your DJI Mavic Pro yet? And still don’t want it? Well, this one last video may change your mind.