Whether you got some nice toy for Christmas or still saving money for it, we’ve prepared a few video links that might be helpful not only from the very start. The best about DJI Mavic PRO in pictures.

The best about DJI Mavic PRO or camera for every family

For start we could start with this beautifully shot DJI Mavic Pro video which portrays big cruise ship at sunrise. It’s a really cool video shot without the use of sport mode, which might be expected in this case.

Let’s keep the boat theme. Here’s another interesting video, this time from the popular Genting Dream trip in Hong Kong. This video, in contrast was shot using the sport mode.

So before you start using your Mavic for similar or better videos, getting some high quality accessories with it should be considered. Here’s a video showing some of it.

And here’s another set of tips, because there’s never enough accessories.

Did you like the videos above? If so and you’d like to get similar results, first thing you have to know is how to take off with your Mavic. Here’s a video with few instructions regarding setting your Mavic for the first take off.

Because we all deeply love reading instruction manuals and literature alike, maybe this instructional video would come in handy.

In case you’d like to shoot videos at least at the same level of quality as those above, here’s a tutorial how to set up the camera of your Mavic Pro

And another one.

Now that we know how to set and control our Mavic we may start modding it. What about extending the range of the transmitter?

All accessories ordered, basics of control learned, we know how to set video up and much more. What now? I suggest seeing this video from Australia…

…and of course I saved the best for the very end. Here’s one of the most exciting videos shot using this quadcopter. Enjoy this flight over Thailand.

We’d appreciate any inspiration and your recommendations, so don’t hesitate sharing with us.

Source:: Youtube.com