The anticipated drone GoPro Karma was introduced with glory. It should have helped the company from financial crisis. However, the opposite was found out to be truth. Not long after sales commencement, the company called upon the owners to send the drones back providing that the purchase price will be returned.

Karma drone is said to have some problems with charging. During flight, the electronics gets disconnected from the battery and so the drone becomes uncontrollable. Fortunately, there was no bodily harm so far. No property damage either. The issue is related to all the sold items – according to the information available, it’s approximately 2500 drones.

We don’t know what causes the issue yet, but until solving it, Karma drone is withdrawn from the market and so it’s not possible to purchase it.

It’s not clear if GoPro Karma makes it to the retail shelves before Christmas. Now it’s just the right time for its competitor to step out. We’re talking about DJI Mavic Pro.