A lot of owners of DJI Phantom drones sell their devices and queue up for DJI Mavic Pro. It’s no wonder. Mavic was a success and DJI have has introduced something the market was lacking. It wasn’t waiting for its competitor for too long and in China, it’s now possible to preorder the foldable drone Tencent Ying.

The Tencent Ying quadcopter is equipped with a 13 MPx Sony sensor which handles 4K with ease. FPV transmission is limited to HD. Even though the camera doesn’t have a gimbal, the image will be processed by software, as for the Parrot Bepop drone. The angle of camera’s view is 190°. The drone weighs 425 g and the manufacturer claims it should last for one hour. The heart of this quadcopter is the chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon Flight.

We couldn’t find out any more detailed info yet.

Tencent Ying is entering the market on the 30th of October for the price of $299.

Source: techinasia.com, tribune.com.pk