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Syma X8W is very large and, unfortunately, quite heavy too. Combined with weaker motors, it means less power. Even though the controlling is easy, the drone is lazy, even after switching to fast mode.


Some time ago, we tested Syma X5C and now we are honored to welcome its bigger brother – Syma X8W. It is noticeably bigger and it is supposed to have better camera supporting video transmission via Wi-Fi.

The model we got is orange and it was lent to us by TomTop.com. Thank you very much. It is also available in a black and white version, which, I think, make a better impression.


  • weight: 1025 g
  • dimensions: 50,2 x 50,2 x 19,1 cm
  • camera: 2 MPx
  • FPV: yes, via Wi-Fi
  • battery: 7,4 V, 2000 mAh
  • battery life: 7 minut
  • range: up to 150 m
  • material: plastic
  • others: propeller protectors


In a box full of pictures, there’s everything you need for flying. The protective housing is made of known and proven polystyrene, where everything is thoroughly placed, and so the reviewed Syma X8w arrived safely.

The package contents:

  • drone Syma X8w
  • transmitter
  • HD camera
  • battery
  • charger
  • smartphone holder
  • 2x propeller sets
  • propeller protectors
  • manual


Usually, there’s not much to criticize when it comes to Syma, and X8W is no difference. The build quality is exemplary, plastics are aligned and nothing is creaking. Matte orange plastics look surprisingly better than on image. They seem to be firm and will survive even harder crashes. The drone is mighty. Its dimensions are 50.2 x 50.2 x 19.1 and it probably won’t fit your bag.

Propellers and, especially, their nearby area is safe thanks to the propeller protectors, which can be easily installed under the motors. Just remove the plugs, slip the protectors in and screw them up with the screws included.


Before taking off, it’s necessary to check if the engines work properly and to calibrate the sensors. This is done by placing the drone on a flat surface and tilting both handles into the right bottom corner for 2 – 3 seconds. After the drone stops blinking fast, the calibration is finished.

Binding the transmitter with the drone is simple. You just have to move the throttle up and down. The drone as well as the transmitter will stop blinking which indicates that everything is set.

The drone’s controlling is easy and headless mode is working surprisingly good. Syma X8W is, however, in my opinion, very slow. There is a button for switching between the mode for beginners and the faster one, but in both cases, the quadcopter is pretty lazy. When only a couple of meters above the ground, the maximum acceleration often leads to the drone’s landing and re-takeoff.


You can’t expect miracles in this price range. The camera should record in HD, but it’s not true. Photos and videos have the resolution of 640 x 480 only. In addition to that, the quality is very poor.

The app for FPV is free to be downloaded for the two most popular OSs. You can get to it after scanning the QR code from the box or the manual. The app is stable, however, video transmission via Wi-Fi is not that great. Most of the time, the video is stuck and, considering the quality of the video, the camera is worthless. During testing, only the range of 100 meters was available, nevertheless, it was watchable and without freezing for only 10-15 meters’ distance. However, it is a matter of smartphone model too.


I would not buy Syma X8W, after this experience. What I find to be the worst aspect are the large dimensions and weak motors. However, somebody might see it as an advantage. A big orange drone is very visible and the slowness might come in handy for beginners or children.

Thanks to TomTop.com for lending the drone to us, where, the drone is available for a purchase too.