Many people think that drones only kill, spy and do harm. That’s not true at all. Of course, some of the pilotless crafts are made for killing, but on the other hand, some others are designed to save lives.

When an adult is drowning, there’s only like 60 seconds left for rescuing them. When it comes to a child, it’s only 30 seconds. Even when the lifeguard notices a drowning person immediately, there’s not a lot of time to get to them. However, the drone manages to do it a lot faster and, in addition to that, the presence of it is supposed to calm the drowning person down. Panic is the worst.

The Microdrones MD4-1000 device should get to the drowning person as quickly as possible. MD4-1000 is equipped with a high resolution camera and powerful motors which handle strong wind with ease. It also carries a self-inflatable bag which is then thrown down to the drowning person and therefore, helps them stay above the water surface until the lifeguard comes.