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Floureon Racer 250 is a racing copter suitable for those, who have previous flying experience, but only with weaker devices. I think Floureon is a good choice for beginning racers. The advantage is that everything is already set up by the manufacturer.


The first racing quadcopter in our editorial staff is Floureon Racer 250, which is basically a better version of the Eachine Racer 250 copter. I was really looking forward to testing it and I hope you like the review of it.

At the first sight, Floureon Racer 250 is indistinguishable from the Eachine Racer 250 copter. The difference is mainly in the controlling unit and motors. Floureon is equipped with the Naze32 unit and, thanks to the stronger motors, the performance is at a better level.

Floureon Racer 250 has been lent to us by Gearbest.com. Thanks a lot.


  • weight: 525 g
  • dimensions: 22.00 x 23.50 x 5.00 cm
  • camera: 1000TVL NTSC
  • motors: 2204 2300KV
  • battery: 3S 1500 mAh, 8-10 minutes
  • controlling unit: Naze32
  • transmitter: FlySky i6
  • FPV monitor: 7″, 800 x 480 pixels
  • range: up to 800 m
  • others: FPV


The quadcopter is packed in a white, minimalistic box. Everything inside is placed in a foam bedding, so no damage should occur when transporting it from the other end of the world.

Even though the manual is localized in English, it’s very brief and you won’t learn anything important from it. If it wasn’t in the box, nothing would happen.

I couldn’t find a charger for the FPV monitor inside the package, so if you don’t have an adaptor with the input voltage of 12 V, you have to obtain one.

The package contents:

  • 1x Floureon Racer 250
  • 1x transmitter FlySky i6
  • 1x charger (2S a 3S)
  • 1x FPV monitor
  • 1x FPV monitor holder
  • 1x battery – 1500 mAh
  • 2x set of propellers
  • neck strap


Design is a matter of preferences. While some may find Floureon Racer 250 ugly, other will instantly fall in love with it. The construction is solid and the frame is made of carbon which assures great durability. The arms are made of plastic, but seem durable. They can be easily dismantled and changed, as well as the other parts. Racing copters are constructed the way the changing of components is simple and fast.

The space for battery is located in the rear part, between two carbon boards. Unfortunately, the battery is placed quite tightly there, too close to the printed circuits. In case of a hard crash, I would be worried about the electronics getting damaged. However, the solution is pretty simple here. You just have to add a piece of molitan on the battery. Another option is placing the battery up, next to the 5.8 Ghz antenna, but this way it might get damaged too, in case of an accident.

The device is well-lighted. At the front, there are two LEDs, which cannot remain unseen. The same applies to the LED stripe at the rear. The lights can be distinguished even during a sunny day, from a great distance. The lightning can be turned off by the switch on the drone. It’s not possible to do it with the transmitter.

Floureon Racer 250 review

The camera’s quality is slightly below average. However, it’s possible to change it for another one, including GoPro, which can be easily placed on anti-vibration pad. The provided FPV monitor is excellently readable even when exposed to direct sunlight. There are eight languages available.

I have no complaint about the transmitter. It’s a high quality one, FlySky i6, with various functions and settings. It fits hand just fine, and it’s a pleasure to work with it.


Because this was my first racing copter, I was worried about controlling. Now I can conclude that all my worries were meaningless. Floureon’s controlling is easier than for other drones. Its responses are immediate and the copter does exactly the thing you want it to. Obviously, you have to be careful when reaching high speed. Crash of a one-pound device at high speed can do a lot of damage.

On the transmitter, it’s possible to change modes during flying. You get to choose among the novice, horizon and acro mode, in which the controlling is completely in your hands.

Unfortunately, I didn’t fly a lot because, during transportation, I managed to damage the receiver, so I didn’t enjoy flying that much. Ordering a new receiver costs around $10, which is quite reasonable price. After the exchange, it’s necessary to bind the new receiver to the transmitter. In my case, I had to obtain CleanFlight app, because the drone didn’t seem to listen to me after the exchange.

The battery life is around 6 minutes. When the drone is flown more calmly, a minute can add up.


If you don’t have previous experience with drone building, I can only recommend Floureon Racer 250. The performance is satisfactory, while the controlling is easy too. The price is not so high, while keeping good flight properties and build quality. Of course, if you decide to build your own copter, it’ll cost you less, but not everyone would be so handy to do it all by themselves.

Thanks Gearbest for lending us the Floureon Racer 250 drone for this review.