SJCAM have announced two pieces of news. Cameras SJ6 and SJ7 Star look good on paper, but will be so in reality as well? Camera SJCAM SJ6 Legend camera from Gearbest is on its way, so we’ll soon get down to testing and then share our findings with you.

However, who doesn’t feel like waiting for the review, can preorder SJ6 Legend for the price of around $130 here. It’s necessary to put the discount code “18off” while ordering. The sensor (MN34120PA) with the maximum resolution of 16 Mpx was supplied by Panasonic. The maximum resolution is 4K/24 fps, which is achieved by counting pixels. SJCAM’s innovation is a touchscreen as well as an informative display on the front side.

camera SJCAM SJ6 Legend

SJCAM SJ6 Legend will hit stores by the end of October, at the latest.