There’s no need to introduce SJCAM SJ4000 cameras. They are one of the most selling cameras on the market while having quite a reasonable price tag. They also run very well despite their old age. Now all the newly manufactured SJCAM SJ4000 cameras will be updated in the form of a bigger display.

This piece of information was brought to us by where it’s possible to buy this camera as well as a lot of other action ones. SJ4000 originally had only a 1.5-inch display. Now the display has grown by 0.5 inch – to a 2-inch one. All the other specs unfortunately haven’t undergone a change, so we have to be satisfied with quite outdated hardware – mainly the processor Novatek NTK96650 and the sensor Aptina AR0330.

If we ever see a successor of SJ4000 with better hardware is uncertain yet.