LiDiRC L15W is one of many clones of the Syma drone manufacturer. The L15W quadcopter is attractive because of the lower price and the integrated barometer which takes care of the altitute hold simplifying the controlling.

The quadcopter’s dimensions are 30 x 30 x 30 cm while the weight is 97 grams. It probably won’t carry a GoPro type camera so the 0.3 Mpx camera must be enough. That supports FPV transmission to a smartphone’s display. It’s more useful for orientation than for shooting. The signal range of LiDiRC L15W is 50 meters and when fully charged, the battery should last for up to 8 minutes.

It’s possible to do some acrobatics with smaller devices and this drone is no exception. Like many others, LiDiRC L15W can do somersaults just by pressing one button.

LiDiRC L15W - clone of Syma with a barometer

LiDiRC L15W is available only in the white version for the price of $39.06.