We’ve already talked about the Feilun company. It was when the RC boat Feilun FT011 with the maximum speed of 55 km/h showed up on the market. However, today, we’ll focus on the Feilun FX122 drone which is available in various versions.

The quadcopter Feilun FX122 has four brushless motors and 6-axis gyroscopic stabilization. The signal range is around 300 meters and using the 2600 mAh battery, flying can last for up to 10 minutes. Feilun FX122 is RTF – ready to fly. Particular versions differ from each other in terms of equipment. While the cheapest version doesn’t have a camera, the more expensive one has an HD one and in case of the best version of the drone, there can be a gimbal attached to it as well as an action camera. The resolution is not specified here.

Feilu FX122 is currently on presale for $84.22 – $117.17, according to the chosen version.