We’ve waited for a long time for the first GoPro drone to be introduced. This moment came yesterday. Should other manufacturers be scared or is Karma just a disappointment?

The basic  drone GoPro Karma packaging doesn’t include a camera, although the drone set and GoPro Hero 5 cameras will be put on sale. It will be possible to equip the drone with the older camera – GoPro Hero 4 Black and Silver. The camera is meant to be attached to a 3-axis gimbal which can be removed and used as manual stabilizer. The weight of Karma is 1006 grams and the dimensions when unfolded are 303 x 411 x 117 mm. GoPro Karma can be folded for easy transportation, then the dimensions are 365 x 224 x 90 mm. The maximum speed of the copter is 56 km/h and the range is 1 km. When fully charged, it can last for up to 20 minutes.

The transmitter has an integrated 5 palcový display with HD resolution and 4-hour operating time.

Besides the drone, transmitter and manual grip, there is also a transport briefcase in the package.

The price is $799 in the basic version, when bought with GoPro Hero 5, it comes up to $1099.

Source: GoPro.com,  theverge.com, drony-kamery.cz