Drone, quadcopter, hexacopter, multicopter… these were quite unknown terms a few years ago, which we possibly knew only from the evening news where we were informed that the U.S. army was developing pilotless crafts for monitoring and exploring purposes as well as for undercover operations at an enemy’s territory. However, this time has come to an end. World armies still develop drones, but we talk more and more about using drones for commercial and hobby purposes.

Nowadays, we can see small, usually squared devices on the sky as they’re silently flying while recording the surrounding scenery. Using drones, we can get very specific shootage which would be able to be taken only using a regular helicopter with a pilot. Renting or purchasing a real helicopter is an expensive thing to do, so most of us choose a drone, which is much more available financially.

What is a drone? Quadcopter, hexacopter…?

If you’re not interested in photographing and shooting, don’t worry! You can enjoy a lot of fun with a drone even without a camera. The controlling of drones is usually very simple, so it can be done almost by anyone. Their flight properties are at a very high level. There’s also a lot of move options and with some drones, you can even do remarkable acrobatics.

For commercial purposes and shooting in high quality, we recommend you to focus on DJI. The products from this manufacturer are being used by top photographers and cameramen. You can attach a GoPro camera to these models. Using Wi-Fi, you pair the drone with a smartphone and watch the shootage online, take pictures and turn the camera on and off. It can’t be easier than that. There are also lots of accessories like gimbals for image stabilization, aluminum cases for transporting, the controlling unit Naza V2 + GPS and much more.


Would you like to enjoy shots from the bird’s eye view? There’s a huge boom of drones with HD cameras these days. And they are not always expensive. The most popular in this category is definitely Syma X5C. It was the absolute bestseller in 2015.


RC models meant just for flying (a possible substitute for a RC helicopter). According to our opinion, you will have much more fun with a drone than with the helicopter. It’s possible to buy an external, attachable camera for models in this category. For flying at peace somewhere near your house, we recommend XK X251, which will amaze you with its flight properties! We guarantee you will be very surprised with the speed and finesse of this drone.


This is a chapter for itself. These drones enable you to watch the shootage online on the display of a transmitter or a smartphone. You can just download and install the app to your smartphone, take off with the drone and then enjoy the views from the bird’s perspective. It’s a huge advantage over regular drones with HD camera (which don’t support online transmission), because here you are enabled to see exactly what you’re recording. Therefore, you avoid the disappointment of coming home and finding out that you were shooting something completely different than you wanted the whole time. This can’t happen to you with FPV.

The most popular FPV drones are:

Hubsan H501S
Syma X8HW
Hubsan H111D

Some other terminology:
Quadcopter – a drone with four rotors
Hexacopter – a drone with six rotors
Multicopter – a superior expression for quadcopters and hexacopters – both types belong to this category.