Our faithful reader Pepino has pointed out some drone news again. What caught my eye was the Walkera Airbot drone. It’s especially interesting for the application, using which you can train for races basically anywhere.

Walkera AirBot has smooth design. It’s a quadcopter with a stabilized UHD camera and dual GPS. The maximum speed is up to 20m/s and the maximum flight time of this device weighing 570 grams is about 20 mins. The signal range is approximately 800 meters which is enough for ordinary flying.

However, let’s look at the smartphone app. It’s currently available only for iOS, but let’s hope the Android owners will soon get their app as well. There are several modes available for the augmented reality. On the display of your smartphone, you can see your surroundings with a marked route which you are supposed to follow while collecting coins on your way.

Walkera Airbot

The battle mode will take you to the battlefield where other devices are flying around you and your goal is to destroy them.

I’m very curious of how the app is actually going to work , because it looks amazing. The Walker airbot drone is currently on presale for $469.99.