It seems that the future belongs to 360°camera. That’s definitely the reason why a lot of manufacturers try to offer a camera capable of this recording type. Even in China, there’s plenty of 360° 4K cameras for reasonable prices showing up.

Some time ago, we checked AMKOV AMK100S which was a disappointment because of the outcome quality. The camera T360 4K could do a bit better, using the Novatek 96660 sensor with 4K (24 fps) support. Stills have the maximum resolution of 12 MPx. The camera’s 0.86” display has the resolution of 960 x 240 pixes. The battery life is like 110 minutes.


T360 4K is waterproof  within the depth of 10 meters, even without the case. In the package, there is even a bracelet remote Wi-Fi controller. T360 4K is available to be purchased for $115.28.