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Despite its age, Syma X5C is still a great device for beginning flying enthusiasts. The price is more than reasonable and the drone is easily portable with the transport bag.


Syma X5 quadcopters have been on the market for a long time and they are offered in various versions. This review is about X5C which was lent to us by TomTop.com – thank you guys. If you read the entire review, there’s a reward in the form of a discount coupon waiting for you. It’s applicable to the purchase of the drone together with the transport bag and three batteries.

Syma X5C is verified classics which gets a lot of updates. How well does the reviewed model do and is it worth purchasing it?


  • weight: 105 grams
  • dimensions: 31,5 x 31,5 X 7,5 cm
  • camera: 2 MPx (1080 x 720)
  • battery: 500 mAh, 10 minute of flying
  • range: 100 m
  • other: 360° flip


Syma X5C didn’t arrive in a box, but in a transport bag which is protecting the device perfectly and simplifies the transport. What a brilliant idea.

The package contents:

  • bag
  • drone
  • transmitter
  • camera
  • charging cable
  • 3x battery
  • 4 GB memory card
  • USB card reader
  • 2x set of propellers
  • propeller protectors
  • screwdriver
  • English manual


Syma X5C is equipped with four motors, so we can conclude it’s a quadcopter. We can tell that it is a toy because of the shiny, plastic body. It’s certainly not a professional drone then. I have to commend the switch in the rear part, which, unfortunately, is not always a matter of course when it comes to more expensive devices. The camera is attached to the battery cover and it can be taken down seamlessly.

The transmitter falls into the hands and all the controlling elements are easily accessible. However, I have to criticize the imitations of the buttons in the bottom part of the transmitter. It ruins the overall impression. However, it’s a matter of taste.


The pre-flight preparation is simple. We turn on the transmitter and then the drone. We move the acceleration trigger up and down. If the binding is successful, the drone stops blinking.


Syma X5C is perfectly controllable when it’s windless. However, stronger wind really affects a device this small. The sensitivity of the controlling is just about right, so in my case, there was not a problem flying around at home without crashing into furniture or pets.

By holding the upper right button, the somersault mode gets activated. The drone handles it seamlessly even couple of times in a row and in all directions. When fully charged, the drone keeps the same altitude even after somersault. However, when the battery is dying, Syma XC goes down a bit after a flip.

The battery life is around 8 minutes and because there are three batteries in the package, you will enjoy 25 minutes of fun.


The camera has a 2 MPx sensor and records in the resolution of 1080 x 720 pixels at 30 fps. The video quality is below average as you can convince yourself in the following shootage.


Quadcopters Syma series X5 still have a lot to show and I think it’s one of the best devices for beginners. The bonus is the transport bag as well as the three batteries inside the package which allow you to fly for up to 25 minutes. The controlling can be mastered by anyone after a few minutes and eventual breakage would not hurt you a lot, considering the low price. However, the camera is no good and it’s impossible to achieve nice shots, regardless of your effort.

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