There’s not a single week without some kind of a discount offer in China. Our goal is to inform you about all of that, so today, we are going to talk about a few drones and cameras which are a part of the summer sales on

XK X251

This drone is currently being tested by us. It’s an interesting toy with brushless motors which are capable of achieving high speed. The unboxing can be found here, but I won’t tell you more before the review. It’s possible to buy XK X251 for $99.99.



An older, but still very popular quadcopter can carry up to 350 grams of load. There’s no problem in additional purchasing of a gimbal and an action camera. CX-20 has a Failsafe GPS system which assures a safe return to the take-off point, in case of signal loss. The flight time is 15 minutes’ maximum. You can purchase CX-20 for $189.99.

Summer sales on Gearbest


This camera passed our testing with the best ratings of all the Eken cameras. It’s available in various color combinations and handles 4K with ease. Besides the transmitter, there’s a lot of different holders that enable you to attach your camera almost anywhere. Eken H8R costs $78.99.


Not interested in anything? Look here and also here where you can find all the goods on sales.