In May, the LG company announced the arrival of the action camera called LG Action Cam LTE. According to the original info, the camera should have come to stores in June, however, it was delayed so the first candidates couldn’t but it until now. Unfortunately, for now, it’s available only in South Korea.

As the name of the camera suggests, it’s a portable and durable action camera with LTE supoort. The manufacturer states the durability according to the IP67 standard which basically means a complete dustproofness and water resistance for 30 minutes within the maximum depth of one meter. It’s also possible to buy an additional protective case which enables the camera to be used even in greater depth.

LG Action Cam LTE handles video recording in the maximum resolution of 4K at 30 fps, Full HD at 60 fps and HD at 120 fps.  Wireless video transmitting via 3G, LTE or Wi-Fi is processed in HD at 30 fps only. The heart of the camera is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 processor and 2GB RAM. The internal 4Gb storage is meant for the system requirements only. The weight of the camera is 99 grams and the battery with the capacity of 1400 mAh should assure around 4 hours of operation.

It’s not sure yet when LG Action Cam LTE hits our market too. The price of this camera is set to $350, in South Korea.