The quadcopter Kai Deng K80 Pantonma is not available to be purchased yet, but it is certainly an interesting drone whose production can be funded on

Kai Deng K80 Pantonma is a modular drone. The modul with the camera as well as a damaged motor can be changed in a matter of minutes. The drone can also take off or land by pressing only one button. The most interesting thing is however the obstacle detection. The sensor at the bottom detects an obstacle within the distance of two meters, in all directins. The flight time is 6 and a half minute.

The first costumers will get the drone in August for the following prices:

  • 480p camera: $69
  • 720p camera: $89
  • 1080p camera: $99
  • 720p WiFi FPV camera: $129
  • 720p 5.8GHz FPV camera: $169