comes with their own racing drone kit with a 190 mm frame. If you don’t have a lot of experience building drones and choosing the right components, GB190 is an ideal choice for you. The montage is not difficult, so it can be done by almost anyone.

There’s everything you’ll need in the package and the completion won’t take long. However, a transmitter and batteries are not a part of the package so it has to be bought separately.

The package contents:

  • 1x 190 mm carbon fiber frame
  • 4x EMAX RS2205 motor
  • 4X ESC (electronic speed control)
  • 4x propellers

  • 1x flight controller set
  • 1x power distribution board
  • 1x 5,8 GHz antenna
  • 1x 5,8 GHz transmitter
  • 1x camera

You can also buy only the frame and other stuff later. All the variations of the frame kit GB190 can be found here.