It seems that the company Elephone won’t get stopped by anything. Their portfolio is growing more and more. The truth is that they’ve already developed a few action cameras and one could say they’re quite successful.

If we would like to examine Elephone Explorer Pro 2 further, compared to Explorer Pro – there’s no difference in the matter of specifications. Like Explorer Pro, Explorer Pro 2 has the NT96660 chipset, a 12 MPx camera and the Sony IMX117 sensor with the support of 4K at 24 fps.

The camera is going to be waterproof and it seems that it should be available on various markets, so the company want to provide an added value – a remote control. The range of it should be from five to ten meters, so it should simplify the camera handling. The best thing is that, when buying the camera, the remote control comes for free!

The practical use of Explorer Pro 2 with the remote control can be seen in this video.