The producer XK is still quite unknown, however they offer some interesting drones. After XK X251 ($129.89),  they came up with the XK X252 quadcopter. This one is offering several upgrades and one of the biggest is the presence of FPV. We’re planning to compare both drones in the near future, but first – let’s introduce the X252.

The quadcopter XK X252 is equipped with brushless motors that can achieve the speed of up to 20 m/s. The device is stabilized using a 6-axis gyroscope which is capable of inverted flight. The camera at the front offers HD and a 140° view. The image is transmitted to a monitor on the transmitter at the frequency of 5,8 GHz.

Specs say that the signal reach is 300 meters and flight time with a 950 mAh battery is 12 minutes.

The XK X252 drone is currently available for preorder on for $174.99 and one of them should soon land in our editorial staff.