Quadcopters of a not so well known producer, XK re currently on sale. Especially the lower end XK X100 could be a satisfying choice for beginning pilots.

XK X251

XK X251 quadcopter is quite a space saving one with its 17,7 x 17,7 x 8,3cm dimensions. However, a small light camera can be attached to it. Signal reach is 300m max and a 950mAh battery should last for about 12 minutes of flight. Brushless motors provide enough power for up to 21m/s speed. This drone is currently available for $109,99

XK X100

The cheaper one is X100 which is a bit smaller. Its total dimensions are 14 x 14 x 4 cm and the body seems solid enough to survive occasional falls. The stabilization is done by a 6-axis gyroscope and the 250 mAh battery lasts for 5 minutes when fully charged. X100 is on its way to our office. If you don’t want to wait for the review, you can purchase it for 37,99$.