Today, the Xiaomi corporation officially announced the long time anticipated drone and it seems like it would be a direct competitor of an older yet still popular DJI Phantom 3.

Xiaomi Mi Drone is a quadcopter equipped with a camera that supports the maximum possible resolution of 4K/30 fps. FullHD goes up to 100 fps. The camera is attached on a 3-axis gimbal and it’s capable of 360° rotation. The signal reach is 3 km and a 5100 mAh battery will keep the drone in the air for about 27 minutes. The presence of GPS module allows a pilotless flying and a RTH mode.

There’s Xiaomi Mi AR transmitter included in the package. Although it doesn’t have an integrated display, but as the previous leak indicated, there will be an app which will allow live preview right on your smartphone.

Both the camera and the propellers are detachable for an easy swap in case of damage.

There will be a cheaper FullHD version available (2499¥) and a little bit more expensive 4K version (2999¥).

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