There’s been a boom of new Eken action cameras. Thanks to the company we’ve got the third Eken model to try within a month. Today we’ll talk about one of those that is considered to be the golden mean.

After testing the Eken H9 Ultra camera we took hold of the other models such as Eken H8R and Eken H2R as well. The letter R stands for the presence of the remote transmitter (it is great news considering the price level) which is also applied to the great model H8R that is being tested by Radek just now. The amount of equipment (apart from the GoPro) is kind of a standard we’ve got used to.

We noticed an unusual thing (already pointed out by Radek in the review of Eken H9 Ultra) on the first sight – the logo of the manufacturer and the model name were missing. The package contains some basic information about the camera and a QR code which leads you to the app for smartphones and tablets.

The package content is rather usual and there’s a lot of equipment and a remote transmitter as well. The elaboration of the camera isn’t bad compared to the H9 Ultra but it’s not excellent either. The top side isn’t stable enough, luckily it doesn’t affect the functionality. It’s probably just a matter of this very item. No more complaints from me so far. The camera is light and pleasantly thin. The protective case is well elaborated so there’s no need to worry about water penetration.