So the action camera Amkov AMK100S found its way to us too. It was provided to us by the eshop I’ve been interested in this kind of camera for a while now so I’m pretty glad that I got the opportunity to try it out before buying. Who wouldn’t be drawn into putting VR glasses on to relive the vacation?

The Amkov AMK100S camera is a basic model and I don’t expect miracles from it, but there was plenty of package contents anyway.

Package contents:

  • Amkov AMK100S
  • case
  • handlebars mount
  • rubber case with suction cups
  • plastic mount
  • adhesive mount
  • reduction (2x)
  • USB cable
  • manual

As you can see, the usual waterproof case is not included which is a shame. However, an advantage is the tripod mount right on the camera as well as the transport case which protects the camera when not being used.

The camera’s build quality is pretty good. All the controlling buttons are at one place and the controlling itself is simple. The monochromatic display which is perfectly readable in the sunlight is certainly helpful. There’s information about the current mode on it as well as the recording progress. You can even set it up a bit with it. Under the rubber protector there is a memory card slot, a micro USB connector and HDMI meant to connect it to TV.