A lot of people are not fond of just flying around with a drone so they look for racing copters. There’s more and more models available, but you might get interested in new racing copters from JJRC. The series of racing drones is named JJRC JJPRO.

There are two models, which differ mainly in their size, obtainable. Both of them are available in versions RTF and ARF. The smaller one is built on a frame with the size of 175, the bigger one’s frame size is 200. The devices are equipped with a camera, supporting 5.8 GHZ image transmission. Flight time is the same with both the copters – 8 to 15 minutes.

Along with the copters, you will definitely enjoy FPV glasses with a five-inch display ( 640 x 480) too, they cost $79.89.

JJRC JJPRO P175 will get out in RTF version for $258.91 and in ARF for $220.37. The bigger JJRC JJPRO P200 in RTF costs $265.54 and then in the ARF option $228.37.