I assume you haven’t missed the introduction of the first Xiaomi drone. But if you have you can read more about it here.

Xiaomi Mi Drone is capable of flying that lasts for up to 27 minutes. You can plan your route using GPS and GLONASS. The drone will fly this route by itself and then come back to you. Of course it can record video during the flight. This is taken care of by the 4K/FullHD camera with a Sony sensor mounted on a 3-axis gimbal.

Recently, we got a message that the Chinese salesmen had already put a price tag on the drone which is valid for our market. It is a nice surprise that the price is going to be only a few dollars higher in Europe than in the P.R.C.

The cheaper version of the drone with a FullHD camera will cost $389.99. The more advanced version with a 4K camera will cost $489.99.