You certainly haven’t missed the introduction of the Xiaomi Mi Drone. This drone surprised us with outstanding specifications for a reasonable price. But it’s not the only drone worth considering in this price range. The Hubson H109S  is a strong competitor.

Not so long ago, the Hubsan FPV X4 Brushless quadcopter landed at our editorial staff. However, compared to the Hubsan H109S X4 Pro drone, it’s just a toy for children. This quadcopter can be purchased in two versions where the only difference is in the gimbal. The standard version is equipped with a single-axis gimbal whereas the high version has a three-axis gimbal. All of the other specs are the same. We can look forward to a FullHD camera,  5.8 GHz FPV to the distance of 1 km, GPS and 25 minute flight time. There is also the waypoint feature where you can plan the route and the drone flies it by itself. Hubsan also includes a rescue parachute which is automatically activated in case of emergency and may not only save the dron but also people from hurting. A great thing which should be compulsory wíth some of the higher priced machines.


Perhaps you’re wondering how much Hubsan H109S X4 Pro costs. Not much, compared to DJI drones or Xiaomi Mi Drone. Currently, it’s available for $399.99. So what, are you in?