We’ve talked about 360° cameras a lot. The last time we were writing about Elephone ELE 360. However, this time, we are introducing a 360° drone! The Exo360 is equipped with five cameras and each of them handles 4K just fine. The image from these cameras can be put then into a single shot with the final resolution of 60 MPx. There’s a cheaper version available too, but “only” with FullHD support.

Exo360 is everything but small. Its dimensions are 44 x 44 x 14,6 cm  and its weight is 1.8 kg. The included battery provides enough power for up to 18 minutes of flight to the maximum distance of 3 km. The transmitter can be connected with a set of VR glasses via HDMI so you can almost look at the world from the bird’s eye view. More about this drone can be found in the following video.

This drone was developed by Queen B Robotis which decided to fund the production with a little help of the Indiegogo.com campaign where this drone can be purchased.

Source: indiegogo.com