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An action camera of a compact size knows 4k but only at 25 fps. FullHD is possible at 60 fps which will be appreciated especially while recording faster scenes. The Eken H2R camera did surprisingly better than well in the test.

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The Banggood.com company generously supplies us with action cameras and today’s review deals with the Eken H2R camera. This camera belongs somewhere between their top-of-the-line model H8R which is currently being reviewed and the Eken H9 Ultra.


The camera arrived in a decorated cardboard box with almost no information written on it. No manufacturer logo is present on the box just like in case of other Eken’s cameras. However, some of the basic specs are printed out here, as well as a QR code leading to an app for smartphones.

Package contents:

  • Eken H2R camera
  • waterproof case
  • remote control
  • vent doors for better sound recording
  • mains adapter
  • USB cable
  • handlebars mount
  • adhesive helmet mount
  • a holder for camera when not in case
  • tripod mount
  • Velcro straps
  • cleaning cloth
  • a bunch of other mounts and holders
  • instruction manuals

The package doesn’t offer any less than many of its competitors. Actually surpasses them with the addition of the remote control


The manufacturer states that this camera has slim design and I can confirm that. Its proportions are similar to GoPro Hero 4 – 59 x 41 x21 mm. Eken H2R is even a few grams lighter than GoPro Hero 4 and weighs 60 grams including the battery.

The build quality of H2R is one level higher than Eken H9 but it’s still not perfect. In total, there are three buttons on it – the power one, record one and a Wi-Fi button. Despite the absence of menu navigation buttons, the controlling remains intuitive. The Wi-Fi button is quite confusing because it has the same color as the body – that makes it hard to find blindfolded. This problem is however eliminated when using a case. The rest of the buttons is just fine.

H2R’s body is made of plastic which is a little bit more rough on the sides of the camera preventing it from sliding out of hand. The front side of the camera is soft and prone to get dirty. But this is a common issue with most of the cameras I’ve reviewed. After closer examination I’ve found a little bit of bent plastic on the top side of the camera. This is visible mainly when looking at the camera’s display as the backlight shines through this little gap.

No complaints on the remote control. It’s waterproof to the depth of 3 meters and works flawlessly up to 20 meters distance which I can only confirm after testing it in an open field.


Eken doesn’t share many specs of their products as most of the consumers don’t care about details like a chipset or sensor manufacturer. But we do and therefore we have to start googling.

After some searching we found out that the camera uses a SunPlus SPCA6350 processor and an OmniVision OV4689 sensor with only 4 MPX of native resolution. This means that the image resolution is interpolated (software scaling) The lens is capable of 170° angle of view.

The maximum still resolution of H2R is 12MPx. For video recording you can choose from 4K/25 fps, 2,7K/30 fps and FullHD/60, 30 fps options.

The camera can be connected via Wi-Fi, microUSB or microHDMI. The preview of what you’re recording is displayed on a 2-inch screen with 320 x 240 px resolution.

The capacity of the battery is 1050 mAh which results in 60 minutes of video recording in a FullHD/60fps mode.


As I’ve written before, there are only three buttons on the camera. The record/confirm button, ON/OFF button and a WiFi button. I’m not used to this kind of control so I got lost in all the menu options a few times. Despite this it didn’t take too long to get accustomed to this type of control. But still, navigating through the camera is by far more practical.

When we take a look at all the things this camera can do we’ll find out it can do pretty much everything its competitors can. The maximum stills resolution is 12 MPx. Maximum video resolution is 4K at 25fps. There are 2,7K/30fps and FullHD/60fps options as well. Unfortunately, there’s no 120/240fps slow-motion option available. We can only hope this will change a future firmware update, because it shouldn’t be a problem for the camera’s hardware.

The remote control has two buttons and two LEDs. It’s made of plastic as well and is waterproof to the depth of three meters’ maximum.

The manufacturer claims that the camera should work flawlessly with a 32 GB microSD card but it went just fine with a 64 GB one as well.


The QR code on the box leads us to EZ iCam application which was not very stable on the LeTV 1S phone. I ran into the same problem on other smartphones as well. Although pairing was okay, any effort put in trying to set something up ended up in an error message notificating a crash of the application. A bit of investigation led me to iSmart DV which doesn’t offer many options but works good and that’s what important.


Regarding to what I was expecting, the camera was a nice surprise for me, although the colors are sometimes unnaturally saturated (see the photo of the red church taken from distance, grass is too green). Considering the price the camera is available for, I would say it’s a bit better than average. Recording in backlit situations causes some purple fringing across the whole picture. 4K resolution is really just a matter of garnish. Although shots in 4K don’t look bad at all, for faster scenes however 25 fps is not enough.

Videos in 4K are available to download over here, in FullHD here and photos in the full resolution here.


The last chapter is getting more captious with an increasing number of the reviewed cameras. There’s a lot of cameras on the market that are priced under 120$ and it’s impossible to recommend a definite favorite.

Colors are sometimes more saturated than reality but if you make the effort to set it up properly, it’s possible to get better results. Also, the remote control is included which is not very common.

On the other side, I have to criticize the build quality and the absence of slow motion.

You can get Eken H2R on Banggood.com – thank you guys for lending it to us.