Recently, we are getting more and more discount offers from various eshops in our editorial inbox. Today we’ll take a look at the XK quadcopter and we’ll also attach discount coupons for the Syma X8HG drone.


This drone is manufactured in four different versions, however GearBest offers only the basic one without a camera or gimbal. GPS takes care of returning back to the place where it took off in case of signal loss. One of its more advanced features is so called 3D hovering which basically means flying in circles around you while taking a video (granted there’s a camera mounted on the drone.) DJI’s drones are also known for this feature. The battery life is mind blowing 30 minutes which is taken care of by the 5400 mAh battery. The standard price from an EU warehouse is $232.21 however after applying the JREX3 code the price drops down to $224.99.


XK X251

We have already written about this drone here. It’s a high performance quadcopter equipped with brushless motors capable of 21 m/s flight speed. Flight time is 12 minutes maximum. It can be purchased from an EU warehouse for $109.99, but if you want to save some money, you can apply this JRVA2 code and the price gets reduced to $104.99.



Unfortunately, we don’t have any discount coupon for this quadcopter, but we know it’s high on demand thes days so we’ll show it to you. Syma X8HG stays in the air for 10 minutes. The 6-axis gyroscope and a barometer takes care of the drone stabilization and its flight level. A HD camera with a Wi-Fi FPV feature is included in the box. Currently, there’s a flash sale where you can get this drone for $102.99.