Most of action cameras come with a lot of holders, handles and many more. On the internet, there’s much more to find and today, we’ll show some recommended equipment for action cameras which usually isn’t part of the basic packaging.



The stabilization is necessary for quality footage. This stabilizer eliminating shakes may come in handy. Besides action cameras, it’s possible to attach cameras or smartphones to it. The price is 31.59$.

Tripod for a 360° timelapse video


A rotating tripod is meant for taking timelapse videos. Using the screw thread you can attach any action camera to it. The rotation of 360° takes exactly 60 minutes. This tripod is currently on sale for 15,29$ when ordering from the EU store.

Protective case


The case I personally use. You can fit in the camera itself plus a spare battery and really nothing more. For 3,66$ it provides you great protection from damage.

Selfie stick


We’ll finish up with a monopod today. This light aluminum telescopic stick with the maximum length of 48,5 centimeters is essential for selfie taking. If you choose ordering from the EU store, you can get it for 11,69$.

Have a tip for interesting equipment? Share it with us and maybe we’ll publish it in the next episode.