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Amkov AMK100S is the first 360° camera which is probably only kind of a scout that should map the amount of interest in this type of cameras. The recording quality is below average so who is serious in capturing the memories should take a look somewhere else.


The first 360° camera that found its way to our editorial staff is the Amkov AMK100S, which was provided by the Gearbest.com shop. Amkov AMK100S is one of the first Chinese cameras to offer 360° field of view and I’m quite excited myself what its recording quality as well as VR glasses experience will be like.


There’s only the manufacturer’s logo printed on the white, boring box – nothing indicates an interesting cam inside. There is a mess inside the box as there are no separate partitions for the camera or accessories


  • Amkov AMK100S camera
  • case
  • handlebars mount
  • rubber case with suction cups
  • plastic mount
  • adhesive mount
  • reduction (2x)
  • USB cable
  • instruction manual

A waterproof case is not present in the box so it has to be purchased separately as well as the watch meant to control the camera from the distance of 20 meters maximum.


Given the camera’s features, it’s quite light and small. Its dimensions are 51 x 42 x 35 mm and the weight is 84 g. The build quality is exemplary, but I’d welcome a better execution of the control buttons. Those are a little bit too recessed to the camera body and are hard to find by touch.

The camera can be controlled by a threesome of buttons and a small informative display with great readability in the sunlight which informs about the current mode (video/photo/auto) and the battery status. It’s possible to browse the menu and set the camera up using this screen.

The body is made of rubberized plastic. It’s soft, but catches fingerprints. All the buttons can be found on the right side. The top side is the place for the display. There are connectors (micro HDMI, microUSB and a microSD card slot) under the rubber protector down, next to the tripod mount. At the back there is a 1000 mAh battery hidden under the cap.


Now we are getting to the guts. There’s not much info in the manual and the manufacturer’s website isn’t wery helpful either. We learn that inside the camera there’s the SunPlus 6350 processor and an 8 Mpx CMOS sensor. The angle of view is 360 x 220 degrees and the lens speed is f/2.0.

The monochromatic display’s diameter is 0.96 inch with a satisfactory resolution of 128×64 pixels.

The maximum video resolution is 1920×1440 at 30fps (MOV) and stills can be captured at the maximum resolution of 3840 x 2160 (JPG).

The camera can be connected through a microHDMI/microUSB cable or wirelessly (and more slowly) via Wi-Fi.

The included battery’s capacity is 1000 mAh and will provide power for the camera for about 90 minutes with disabled Wi-Fi or 30 minutes with Wi-Fi turned on.


All of the camera features are easily accessible thanks to the threesome of buttons. The controlling is easy and with the exception of the execution of the buttons, no complaints here. The screen deserves a praise for its readability in the direct sunlight.

You can use the ON/OFF button sure for turning the camera on and off, but also for switching among the modes and confirming. With a short press of the Wi-Fi button, the wireless connection can be controlled. A longer press of this button gets us to the camera settings. The last button serves as a shutter button.

The camera also has a CAR mode in which the recording is activated by a movement. It may come in handy when using the camera as a dashcam.


The manufacturer redirects us to the SYMAX360 app which isn’t really fast, but it’s functional. The settings are identical to what can be found in the camera with the addition of a live preview and VR glasses support. There’s also Kolor Eyes PC program which serves as a simple 360° video player.


What quality could a 360° camera for bare $150 be? Unfortunately, really poor. The shots lack any detail and sharpness and almost look as if the lens was covered by a protecting film.

Videos can be downloaded here and can be played back using the mentioned app called Kolor Eyes.

Stills look a little bit better than videos, but the quality is still poor. I recommend downloading them in the full resolution here and again use the Kolor Eyes app to browse through them.


There’s not many 360° cameras and Amkov AMK100S is a Chinese product whose only purpose is to do market research. Although the build quality of the camera is at a high level, the quality of the videos recorded is poor. That’s really not what I’m looking for when deciding to buy a new camera.

Thanks Gearbest.com for providing us AMKOV AMK100S.