The following accessories landed in our editorial inbox. These definitely interesting things are not only meant for drones and cameras only, but let’s take a look at them anyway.



The first one is a handheld two – axis stabilizator for smartphones. It can be used with a 6.5” or smaller smartphone and it’s way lighter than other manufacturers’ products. An 18650 rechargeable battery secures long life even with full bluetooth control enabled. At the bottom part there’s also a standard tripod mount that can be used for a selfie stick, for example. This stabilizer will certainly improve the quality of your smartphone videos. It can be bought here for $106,90.



GTeng T909 is not just a smartwatch, as it can seem at the first sight. It’s the first FPV watch ever, working at the frequency of 5,8 GHz. That means the video stream from a drone camera can be transmitted right onto the its 2.6” display. The integrated 350 mAh battery can handle about an hour of operation. The FPV wrist monitor is currently on sale for $32.99.



Who wouldn’t want to shoot their facial expressions when doing extreme sports? You probably wouldn’t want to hold a classic selfie stick all the time so you might find this monopod useful because it can be attached to a helmet easily. The price of it is only $2,61.