Another episode of accessories tips for action cameras brings three interesting things that are not regularly offered by manufacturers, in basic packaging.

Accessories case

We all know it. When we carry a lot of things with us randomly scattered around the backpack and when we need to find something, we find the thing we couldn’t find last time. This problem can be solved by a durable case in which can be stored, besides the camera, a whole bunch of accessories. This case costs only $9.35.


Plenty of accessories

Do you have a camera but no accessories? No problem. This 41 piece accessories kit is exactly for you. Various mounts, adapters, straps and more can be found in this kit. Although the price is $45.98, you’ll never have to worry about any missing accessories.


360° rotating tripod with bluetooth

This tripod makes taking 360° photos so much easier. It’s controlled wirelessly using a bluetooth remote control and it doesn’t matter whether you’re owner of a camera or not. Even smartphones or point and shoot cameras can be mounted on this tripod. The price is $26.88.


What accessories do you use? Share your tips with us.