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A compact, well-elaborated drone from the Chinese manufacturer XK is certainly not disappointing, considering the price/performance ratio. It’s a good choice for beginners too because it’s easily controllable. Its performance is really impressive, however, at the expense of short battery life. Personally, I enjoyed inverted flying the most.


Our partner Gearbest.com has sent us this drone and we felt the need to test it immediately. Despite the extremely hot weather, we headed to a field where we tried its possibilities and considering the price, there’s really a lot of them.

XK is typical for their white-red-black design and X100 is no exception, even the box matches these shades. It’s certainly an ideal choice for beginners for its simplicity and reasonable price. A potential accident, which would end up destroying this device, would not be that sad then. However, it’s not likely, considering the durability of the drone.



  • weight: 37 g
  • dimensions: 14 x 14 x 4 cm
  • motors: brushed
  • Battery capacity: 250 mAh, flight time of 4 – 5 minutes
  • range : 100 meters
  • other: LEDs, 3D/6G switch, 6-axis gyroscope, inverted flight


The box matches the color combination of the drone itself. Excluding the drone, we can find a transmitter with a LCD display (4 x AA), an USB charger for two batteries, a set of spare propellers and a brief manual in Chinese and English, in the box.



The construction of this device is very simple. It’s a quadcopter, so it has four arms and on each of them, there’s a brushed motor with a propeller. The durability is on a pretty high level, considering the price of this device.

In the middle section of the drone, we can notice the motherboard as well as the battery cover. However, the cover seems a bit unfinished because it’s made of cheap plastics and the battery itself sticks up a bit. However, it’s secure and there’s no threat of falling out.

Dále z dronu vycházejí dva drátky zakončené plastovými konektory, které slouží k propojení základní desky a baterie. Po jejich spojení dojde k zapnutí dronu. Prostřednictvím drátku, který vychází z baterie, probíhá nabíjení.

Furthermore, there are two wires with plastic connectors which are meant to connect the motherboard to the battery. After them being connected, the drone turns on. There’s also a wire coming out of the battery which is meant for charging.

The transmitter has traditionally a pair of joysticks, seven buttons and a small LCD display. It is powered by 4 AA batteries which, unfortunately, are not a part of the basic packaging.


Charging takes 60 – 80 minutes and after that, the drone is ready to take off. However, its moment of glory is not long, because it can’t stay in the air for more than 5 minutes.

After turning 3D mode on, XK X100 is ready to show some impressive acrobatics. For example, it’s capable of turning upside down. Controlling may seem a bit too responsive for a beginner, but one can get used to it pretty quickly. With pressing the button on the transmitter, the drone switches to 6G mode, in which it shows off the 6-axis gyro in full glory. That assures much better stability of the device as well as easier controlling.

Pairing with the transmitter is fully automatic, but it’s possible to control the drone with much more professional transmitters too, thanks to the support of FUTABA S FHSS protocol. Pairing with this kind of a transmitter then can be achieved by pressing the small button which is hidden under the case. Since we didn’t have any other transmitter available during testing, we couldn’t test this function.


If you’re a beginner who thinks about buying the first drone, XK X100 is an ideal choice, not only because of the low price, but because of the great durability and controllability too. Until one understands the way transmitters work with drones, they certainly have to count with some falls. We have to admit that we faced some unpleasant accidents too, but we didn’t damage the device once. The only thing I would criticize is the extremely short battery life. However, we can’t expect miracles, considering the size of the drone. We would certainly recommend buying at least one spare battery. They’re not expensive and the charger provided is able of charging two batteries at the same time. Speaking in terms of functionality, one really gets a lot of bang for the buck.

Thanks again to the company Gearbest for lending it to us and I hope we’ll meet again in another review.