Probably everyone has seen an underwater eel and its graceful moves. From now on, you can admire a drone that is able of similar results. The new underwater drone Eelume that has a shape of an eel is a product of the Norwegian engineer company Kongsberg maritime and the oil-drilling company Statoil.

The whole project is based on the need to reduce the inspection and cleaning costs of subsea mining equipment which, until then, had been done by specialists or expensive underwater vehicles with a garrison. Obviously, this is not the only way to use this drone – it can also help in examining wrecks or looking for debris. Eelume robots will be installed on the seabed and do requested actions frequently.

The uniqueness of this project is in the joint of these companies which complete each other perfectly. Kongsberg Maritime are the experts when it comes to underwater robotics and Statoil provides an access to real equipment that’s used for testing Eelume drones.

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