It hasn’t been that long since we mentioned the EKEN H9 Ultra HD action camera and thanks to our partner, we now have an opportunity to try this interesting device a little bit more. EKEN would like to get just as popular as Xiaomi or SJCAM, for example and the proof of them being serious is their website where you can find a wide range of action cameras, drones and a lot more.

At the first look, it’s pretty obvious that this camera was inspired by the SJCAM, mostly in matters of design. However, the essential difference is the price being half the SJCAM’s, even though the equipment is at almost the same level. The package is quite a surprise too – it contains all kinds of holders, adapters, a waterproof case and even a USB charger.

Here’s a detailed list of all the things you can actually find in the package:

1 x Original EKEN H9 Action Camera

1 x Waterproof Housing

1 x Handlebar Pole Mount

1 x Base Mount with Long Screw

1 x J-Shaped Mount

1 x Tripod Mount Adapter

3 x Connector with Screw

1 x Mount Adapter, 1 x Clip Case

1 x Clip Mount

2 x Helmet Mount

4 x Bandage

1 x Battery

1 x Lens Cleaning Cloth

4 x Tether

1 x Metal Tether

1 x Protective Backdoor

1 x USB Cable

1 x Power Adapter


Let’s take a look at the overall appearance and elaboration of the camera. As I mentioned before, this camera was mostly inspired by SJCAM which means the control elements can be found in the usual spots. The front panel possesses a main button which is used not only to turn the camera on but to switch among all the modes (camera, photo, continual shooting, settings menu) as well. There is a record button on the top edge which is also meant to be used for selecting an option. Next to the record button, there is a big LED indicator that notifies starting the device. On one side, you can find buttons that’ll help you navigate to required options in the settings menu.

On the other side, there’s a slot for a microSD card and two connectors too (microHDMI and microUSB). At the bottom, there’s a slot for a battery with the capacity of 1050 mAh. Some criticism from me here – the quality of the slot wasn’t very impressive for me and I have a feeling that it might get used-up pretty fast.

On the back side, there’s quite an unusual thing for this price level – a 2’’ display, even though the resolution is not the best, unsurprisingly.

The whole camera is made of plastic which feels pretty good. Despite that, SJCAM is definitely one class higher, in my opinion. When holding Eken, you can feel the backlogs on the edges.

But the weirdest thing is that there is no logo or a mention about the manufacturer on the camera or the cover. A strange attitude towards the brand.

The EKEN H9 action camera is offered in various shades (black, blue, white, silver, pink….) so everyone can pick their favorite one.

Currently, we are testing the camera and the whole review will be brought to you soon. We cannot wait to see how well will the camera do on the market.

You can buy this camera here.